Hi, my name is Aline and I am originally from Brazil but have lived, worked and travelled all over the globe. I am now, after 20 years abroad, back in Brazil and invite you to join me on my food, travel and healthy living journey.

Food and travel have always been my passion and despite I have always worked in related industries and given advice to friends and family over the years I thought that I could now share this passion with others as well. As I brainstormed for this blog I realized that my memory is composed of food and travel snip it’s and moments such as eating ‘jabuticaba’ (a Brazilian indigenous fruit) from my grandpa’s ‘jabuticaba’ trees, Ingrid’s chocolate birthday cake (a school friend’s yearly birthday cake baked by his mom, Ingrid), amazing meals in San Sebastian, citrus groves and their intoxicating smell in Positano and Capri, our very own Sylvia Weinstock wedding cake, grilled octopus for lunch at The One & Only Palmilla, the most amazing breakfast at The Kempinski St. Moritz, the most delicious caffè macchiato at St. Ambrose in Southampton, NY, the smell of fresh baked bread from a newfound local artisanal baker, the beauty and smells of the many farmer’s markets visited over the years…and many more.

I believe that food is much more than nourishment…it is art, beauty, love, care, culture and the cause and solution to most health related issues. We all have the power to use food to our own benefit, happiness and well being. Travel on the other hand is a gift and for each and every person it represents something unique. Traveling near and far allows one to rediscover themselves and experiment something new. Finally, I am a strong believer of ‘green living’ which influences everything I do and can be as simple as recycling or buying local organic food. I am a firm believer on clean and fresh food and use food and natural ingredients not only at meal times but for holistic treatments and general cleaning purposes. This blog is not a medical, culinary or holistic blog; instead it depicts my lifestyle as it relates and revolves around my passion for healthy family living, food and travel.

I hope that you enjoy and learn from my discoveries and adventures!