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DIY Green Beauty

I can’t stop myself from trying new natural and organic products and there is not a single trip abroad that I manage to return without something new to try.  However, I have found out that I can easily make homemade versions of my favorite scrubs at home and the results are very close to the results I get from my favorite branded products.  All you need is salt or sugar (I tend to use salt, only because I am afraid that sugar spread across my shower can attract unwanted insects), good organic coconut oil (which I always use for cooking) and some pure, organic aromatherapy essential oils.  I have a great collection of essential oils since I use them for home fragrance, cleaning products and scrubs so I combine them as needed depending on what my mood and needs are.  Make sure to buy undiluted, pure high quality oils (I like to buy organic but you don’t have to) since despite they cost more, there’s no point buying oils that you can’t attest to their provenance or you aren’t sure what else is mixed in the solution.  A lot of the mass produced oils sold in many mass retailers can even contain chemicals that will do you more harm than good.

For a detox scrub, for example,  I use grapefruit oil to help eliminate cellulite and for its uplifting scent; lemon oil to aid the lymphatic system and cleanse my skin, and lavender oil to provide a sense of relaxation.

For my scrub container I use any glass jar with a lid and follow the recipe below but please remember that you can adapt this recipe to your own taste.

  • 2 cups of fine sea salt
  • 1 cup of pure organic coconut oil
  • 8 drops of each of the oils (5-10 drops is usually good depending on taste and intensity of the oils being used)
  • Optional: 2 tablespoons of pure local honey

Add salt, oil and honey to jar and mix them well with a spoon. After that’s mixed add the oils and mix them in the scrub. If you want a less runny scrub use less oil or for a firmer scrub use more salt.  Texture will also depend on coconut oil and salt you use.  There are some amazing scrub recipes all over the net so I love experimenting new recipes!

Despite the proven benefits of specific aromatherapy oils, you still have a lot of room to mix and match them depending on your personal taste since in addition to health benefits, aromatherapy oils smell amazing but it’s always a personal choice as to what scents please you the most.

I buy essential oils in a variety of places but Whole Foods in the US, Neal’s Yard in the UK and Burren Perfumery in Co. Clare, Ireland are my top 3 vendors.

Something else that I regularly use when I don’t have a good eye make up removal handy is pure organic coconut oil.  All you need to do is to spread a little coconut oil on your eyes or cotton round and swipe it gently until all the make-up is removed.  I also use coconut oil on my body, face and hair (prior to shampooing so that hair is not left super sticky).  I tend to use coconut oil on my body only when I’m at the beach or before going to bed since silk and other fabrics can be stained if used over coconut oil.  This is also a great overnight treatment for cracked heels and feet.

Finally, I often use a mist diffuser with a combination of my favorite aromatherapy oils to create a spa-like atmosphere while providing a wide range of health related benefits.

Please leave me a note on the comment box with your favorite essential oil recipes!